The Concave Lamp

The starting point was defining the lamp with an unfluctuating shape such as the cube which inspires simplicity, purity and stability. The primary aim of the lamp was to apply equivalent deformations to the cube by the use of the Kerfing and achieving a concave shape. The performed curvature will allow the light to arise through a specific pattern design with an interesting permeability. The cube is henceforward, a virtual abstraction.
Once the lamp is lightened the shading effect of the Concave Lamp resembles the light coming through minerals from the earth. As a result of this The Concave lamp contrasts thematically and virtually the concept of a solid static-box with now a new shape from curve faces that inspires fluidity and visual lightness.

Material: 3mm Plywood.

Timing: 35 Minutes.

Fabrication Strategy:
The purpose was to use the pattern as:
– A bending solution
– A perforation that allow light to go through and get interesting shadows
– A structural solution that allows the fixation of the 4 curved faces with each other


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Students: Antoun Rizk, Seikh Rizvi Riaz, Fabio Rivera

Tutors: Djordje Stanojevic, Kunaljit Singh Chadha