Students: Nayla Bou Maroun, Shalini Brahma, Mehmet Bostanci ( group 06)
Tutors: Alexandre Dubor, Djordje Stanojevic, Kunaljit Chaddha
Fabrication Process – Laser Cutting – Soak bending
Material Used – 2.5mm Plywood
Cut Time – 20 minutes



The concept was based on finding a shape that would show the transition of light starting from an opaque shape since we are using wood. What inspired us most was the lighting effect coming out from behind a cloud in the sky.


The material we had to use was a 3mm plywood. At first we started with a simple shape in order to concentrate on the bending part. The decision was to use one single part and discover its maximum bending. So we divided our lamp into 3 parts: the structure holing the bulb and the face of the lamp onto which the stripes come interlocking at different places trying to create a cage-like effect from which light will shine.


So once the pieces were cut, they were soaked into hot water and later on bended and locked in their places according to the voids of the joinery logic.


The final result was a closed lamp from which light arises from the bottom.


The Cloud is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, in 2016

Faculty: Advanced Architecture