Delirious New York & Bei-Jing city

Imagine the city composed of needles separated from its surrounding neighborhood with no social interaction.

Forms a district of towers with a strict boundary line between the high level commercial district with no social qualities, and the city of interactions formed of small housing units and interesting events. So what will happen if explode (like a final scene of fight club), deconstruct the needle to break down into a formation of pieces. The later will be exposed to external forces that bond them together and parasite on the existing structure. In other words, The recycled material taken from the deconstruction is transformed into an energy serving the human need and not the market powers. Taking “Delirious New York” by Rem Koolhaas as a reference to the research, gave us the ability to understand the notion of the needle and the sphere. In which the needle represents the form being an iconic structure isolated from the ground and the surrounding. where the sphere acts as a beautiful reflecting to the outside, with all the activities acting on the surface of its skin, and the inside is just a hollow space conflicting the exterior. Due to the fact that there are a lot of unbalanced development and contradictions between local residences and modern urban plan (especially skyscrapers), we choose Bei-Jing city as an experiment site for the concept of the needle and the sphere. The idea and the challenge was about reaching a stage of balance between the preceding two concepts. The study went on to study the forces controlling the agents (which they act and interfere as a parasite behavior). So a grid of force points were placed on the existing towers. These powers has the potential to change their location and the amplitude of their force according the typologies of the different levels of the tower. In that case, you’re able to witness the section of the tower in different layers interacting with each other according to the different needs of the human activity and not the commercial need.   The parameters of control to reach the design phase were basically the grid or the placement of the force points with characters. the reference lines between the points. Defining the attraction lines. Therefore, we’d have a field of a new set of points, acting as a connection between the needle and the other.

A component based system merges with the points distribution to create an interesting set of events between and inside the spaces of the towers. The Interior of the new city is compiled in different iterations to created different social interactive behaviors. INTERESTING!!!


The result will be an appealing image to the eye by losing the identity of the component/agent creating the whole. Different experimentation took place focusing on the materiality, transparency and spatial performances of the whole acting as one system.