Self Sufficient Buildings


The campus to be developed in Barcelona is located in an urban scenario , retrofiring the urban tissue is the main agenda of the campus.
Education is our legacy this was the quote given by agenda to us.

Site surroundings were already developed but publicness was missing . buildings around were converting soon in a dead space. to reactivate the space and publicness concept of ME and WE came into picture.
Planning was done with collectiveness of all layers of responsibilities.

Sharing neighborhood properties and in return giving them public to reactivate the existing spaces. As Mobility bicycles are the future hence ramps were proposed as dominating layer of master plan. Time was found slow paced in barcelona and requirement of control system was required.



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Time produces Seasonable architecture. Brain is a control center, on the basis of Distributive intelligence. When systems and collaborations increaseas complexity- Controling center is required. This is the time when human and technology reacts and acts together. Time for Human + system.

1SITEMaster Plan

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Ferro Fluid

Ferro fluid has properties of liquid and also properties of solid when get in contact with magnetic field. Liquid if introduced with large amount of magnetic force, it can take strength of objects over it. Concept is to use ferro fluid as structural element, if magnetic force is high enough along with steel trusses such that when trusses moves with magnetic field , ferro fluid around it willl act as solid in desired shape .

Such properties can help in creating temporary and desirable kind of spaces within the building. As a result of movement of liquid, outer facade gets deviations , and if outer facade is of fabric then fabric will continuously keep changing its profile due to changes in liquid state.  Same liquidic movement on facade was been tested practically by silicon fabric over the ferrofluid .
Ferro fluid was moving due to magnets moving underneath.  conclusion was liquid could take the load of silicon fabric and forces it to change the pattern of fabric.

This shows the section of the brain with spaces modification.

Video demonstrating working of ferrofluid.







master plan





master plan


Barcelona campus



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other layers were also planned mobility as ramps, archive as 50 elderly people, social energy as public places on meshes attached to ramps.

Conclusion Archive , Social energy, Mobility, Performance produces Architecture,   Time produces architecture, seasonable architecture.


The Brain- Barcelona campus,  is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture 01 in 2015-16 by:
Student: Mohit Chordia
Faculty:Enric Ruiz Geli & Mireia Luzarraga