Architecture and atmosphere has formed a bond which is immeasurable as a built form irrespective of the influence it creates, is going to be part of the system. The relation of this chain though is not congruent as architecture is subjective to individuals.
Architecture is formed on the sole fact of enlightening the experience of the user, the context and the atmosphere which is created within them to form a system regulating the functioning of the wholesome system giving it the sole reason of being called “atmosphere of architecture”

An Architect tends to create and environment which incorporates the user experience, the built mass and the reaction combining them to build a mass which cohesively relates to the urban scale. A variety of architects following the same process end up delivering an output, which no longer responds to the atmospheric family.

The atmospheric combinations tend the create effects in its natural manner questioning the complete behavior of the urban atmosphere as the variations are beyond control. For this architects try to add effects on the masses trying the match the language disruptions as they naturally believe in being a part and parcel of the wholesome picture, but the effects often misguide the visual trails of the user experiencing the wholesome picture of an atmospheric urban body. Architects believe that they are controlling the larger scale but the belief is in fact questionable.

The Atmosphere around Architecture tends is supposed to compliment the building. In the same way the building should also compliment the atmosphere around.

This combination of two way complements adds a pleasant feel to the vista we envision. the relations of such contextual buildings is very important to the environment of architecture and its product that we deliver. The buildings that we give to the world to see acts as an inspirational guideline for future colonies to be built. one wrong turn can indulge a colony or a city of bad buildings.

the Atmosphere of Architecture works is truly wondrous.





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