Is it possible to create a dynamic membrane system that can be actuated with shape memory alloy?


Moom pavillion as inspiration for Tensegrity structures

The structural system replaces some of the linear elements of a tensegrity with tense surfaces and the collaboration between compressed bars and tensile fabric generates a freestanding translucent surface.

Fabrication of prototypes

After fabricating the Moom pavillion, the next step was to experiment with different geometries (placement of the rigid elements), so as to develop a new membrane system.

Finding similarities between Origami folds and the creazes of the prototyped tensegrity model, various geometries were tested.


Folding architecture: Spatial, Structural and Organizational Diagrams by Sophia Vyzoviti


These experiments failed as the fabric would fall flat, unable to form a 3d space or a structure. Hence, comparison to Moom pavillion led to analysis that the members should overlap creating staggered and continuous stress lines in the fabric to form a 3d space.

Based on these analyses, we devised other geometry patterns and tested them.

They worked!



Integrating nitinol with fabric