“Visual  perception  is  the  key  to creating realism and surrounding environments in virtual and mixed reality  settings.” (Delazio, 2017)

Perception can be seen as an interface between cognition and our direct environment that helps us recognize & relate situations, objects, and patterns.

For example, people associate temperatures with colors; the association of a colour with a temperature is known as cross-modal correspondence. Cross-modal association refers to the systematic associations often found across seemingly unrelated sensory features from different sensory modalities.

We investigate: how sensory modalities interact with each other and how this impacts interactive experiences.


Workflow Diagram

Design Elements


Final Video

Temperature Controlled fans is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master of Advanced Architecture 2020/21 by Students: Yasmine Chacour, Lekha Gajbhiye, Liang Mayuqi and Faculty: Angel Muñoz and Cristian Rizzuti