Deleuze –  Thousand Plateaus-Rhizome

Deluze explains about rhizomatic growth and how it this text about rhizomatic growth , he explains with many examples as to how the growth occurs. The main characteristics about this growth is that -it has no center ,  -The connection for the growth occurs between two unrelated elements , -there is only an implication of a periphery, – there is continuation and multiplicity. To further explain about the connection between unrelated elements, he gives the example of pollination and hence a connection between a wasp and a flower. They are two different species, connected in a process  of and for growth. But the important aspect to note in this growth type is ” there is no firm causality leading to the event” . i.e., there is no  starting point ,And so also , there is no end  point either. there are five main points that deluze marks out for rhizomatic growth – 1. connection 2. heterogeneity  3.multiplicity 4. asignyfying rupture 5. cartography these five aspects form the main characteristics of rhizomatic growth according to Deluze.

case study : Blur Building Swiss Expo 2002 by DILLER SCOFIDIO + RENFR

This building was a temporary exhibition structure.The concept of this structure was to use water,not just as a context but  as an architecture element.The architect believes that architecture is a special effect machine. In this structure , the special effect was created by the water.The architect intended to create an architecture of atmosphere where the atmosphere is actually a part of the building element.Elements like space and skin was re evaluated and  an attempt to break away from the conventional notion of space and skin was made. water is pumped from the lake and is filtered and shot into the air with high pressured fog nozzle located the the edge / border of the structure.This water jutting out of the nozzle creates a facade and a notion of the space. this is a responsive system trained on actual weather conditions.the system reads the real weather and produces semi artificial and real weather and adapts itself accordingly.

Research interests

As my research topic, am interested in generative design logics. Prototypes where a whole emerges from the multiple interactions between a single element.A system of growth which can generate itself from its own. A non static element which is designed to adapt and sustain, like a living organism. And to generate this concept to form a part of the larger system of growth and therefore the connections between them.