This typology was designed through taking different components of previously analyzed buildings. In this case as a first step, parameters of buildings proof against natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis or nuclear attacks were taken and reconstructed parametrically. Each house has specific parameters to which the build applies and these parameters are later taken and fused into one code that generates the final outcome.

The “upper” part of the building was created by the help of computational design. Through the surface analysis of the dome, the previously made codes of the parameters to each disaster were then connected to the surface based on different inputs. The tubes are placed according to wind analysis, which then defines the angle, length, width and position of the holes.

The openings on the roof are placed according to the sun site analysis. Based on the different seasons, the openings are bigger, smaller, more on the side or more on the top.



For the final building shape, these mention parameters will be more refined and worked out clearer. Further, more parameters of the original houses will be used to create a more dense volume.