This thesis proposes to find a new building typology through the rearrangement of already constructed geometries. Continuing the analysis of disasters of the first term, there is a clear architecture of disasters. To every (natural) disaster exists a structure that is the best to resist the designated hazard. By analyzing the most common disasters such as earthquake or tornados, a catalogue of different disaster proof structures is resulting. These specific shapes are then used to create a new bunker like building that hosts all features in various scales and modifications. Furthermore, escaping methods are added to emphasize even more on the disaster architecture. The result is an acceleration of elements that are all in a way related to disasters and escaping to form a new building type that is then tested on a disaster prone site.

The section shows amongst others the thick walls as seen in bunkers, underground bunkers taken from the protection of nuclear explosions, escape slides, escaping ladders and fire staircases.

This shows a possible implementation of the bunker located at the Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles.