This course is focused on the digital fabrication of lightweight 1:1 scale spatial installations, based on the expertise of Experimental Structures, and the further development of concepts proposed in Public Space Capsules. We will realize lightweight spatial installations (embedding textile materials) that aim to be demountable, digitally fabricated, and eventually performative. A selection of projects will be completely fabricated, following a process that goes through the verification of structural proprieties (testing and calculation), constructive optimization, material research, geometry rationalization, detail definition, budget control, and logistic efficiency. According to the final results achieved, the prototypes will be exposed during the Fab10 Event in Barcelona from the 2nd to the 8th of July 2014 and in the Prototipolab exhibition in Santiago de Compostela from 14th to 27th of July 2014. The course will count on the collaboration of the company SERGE FERRARI, an international producer of flexible composite materials and membranes of high performances for architecture, who will provide the material for the construction.