The emphasis in this course will be on developing a curiosity about Valldaura Labs as a creative hub, an educational space, and a historically charged site with its own heritage. In this course we will focus on doing research, working with what is available around us as source material, and employing a range of different research methods. These methods will include but are not limited to interviews, archival research, archaeological and ethnographic survey, participant observation, 3d modeling, digital fabrication, drawing, prototyping, filming. The prioritization of hands-on study employing a range of different research methods provides an opportunity for you to think critically about the context you are living in, as well as its relation to various entangled networks.


● To identify and explore an independent line of study contributing a project taking place within and around Valldaura, with
the potential to extend out to the various networks related to IAAC’s general research mission.
● To produce documentation and analysis, in the form of text descriptions, photos, sketches, and prototypes, transcripts of
interviews, that will be combined into a cohesive research portfolio at the end of the module.
● Developing an understanding of the interconnectedness of our technologically charged capacity at IAAC and our
surroundings (The Collserola Natural Park)
● Developing a curiosity and sensitivity to site and place. (What is here and now)


Kya Kerner is an architect and researcher working in the peripheries of architecture, archaeology, and critical heritage studies. She is Assistant Director for Architectural Studies for the Mt. Lykaion and Excavation Project, and Landscape Character Research Coordinator for the Parrhasian Heritage Park of the Peloponnesus.