RS.4 Research Studio

Studio Support Seminar
Expert Faculty: Cristian Rizzuti

© Cristian Rizzuti – Phi, 2014

In this workshop we will see how to create amazing visual content with the software Max/MSP. With Max it is possible to create visual content such as interactive video installations, VJ visuals reacting to music, generative art, camera tracking and creation and manipulation of 3D worlds.
Max/MSP is a multimedia creation environment that offers us the possibility to create and manipulate audio and visuals by algorithmic means, providing us some tools out of the box but also allowing lower level programming.
During the workshop we will see how to read and manipulate video content with Max, how to create 3D shapes and how to make the video interacting with the sound.

Learning outcome
Get an overview of a broad range of existing work and theories in the fields of immersive environments and digital installation art;
– Gain a grounding in audio-visual and interactive technologies and how they can be used to create reactive and interactive experiences.

– Laptop, headphone, max 7/8 installed (free version for 30 days), midi controller (if you have one);
Previous knowledge of the software or programming languages is not required, but of course is well accepted;  
– Arduino Kit.

 (please download it starting from the 1st of May)