Theory and Knowledge
Senior Faculty: Manuel Gausa
Faculty: Jordi Vivaldi

This seminar will continue the reflection on the multidisciplinary approach to the notion of Advanced Architecture that was unfolded during the first year. In this sense, the course will be delivered in lectures, workshops and critical discussions in order to construct a critical approach towards Advanced Architecture. At each lecture, a conversation between faculty and students will be encouraged. However, the content will not follow a diachronic structure through a time-line or a time-field, but will focus in the relation of Advanced Architecture with specific topics as matter, speculation, landscape, city, representation, technology or thinking.

Competition Barcelona by Enric Ruiz-Geli

We consider these topics as fundamental for a theoretical understanding of Advanced Architecture. Because of it, we will deeply unfold not just its historical and philosophical roots, but also and especially its impact in contemporaneous advanced architecture.

The first part of the course will provide the fundaments for the implementation of academic research, focusing specifically on the goals and objectives of formulating and developing a rigorous academic article. Combining theoretical and applied exercises, the students will be able to select their research topic based on a critical overview of the current state of the art, and in close relation to the thesis that they are unfolding in their Studio.

Data map by Carlo Ratti

In the second part of the course the students will have to develop the brief formulated in the first term, being exposed to several readings with the objective to select and apply relevant conceptual and practical references to their research. This part will conclude with the critical formulation of a public presentation and a text of 3000 words.

Faculty will help students to construct a suitable/radical discourse on their chosen topic, instigating to develop their own voice within a rigorous and critical position.