RS.4 Research Studio

Studio Support Seminar
Expert Faculty: Cristian Rizzuti

Cristian Rizzuti – Elastica, 2016

With the integration of sensory technology into our clothing and accessories, we have new ways to express our thoughts, feelings and internal mechanisms.
This studio support seminar will introduce students to the new materials, tools and techniques for building soft sensors from textiles. During the workshop we will discuss the properties and qualities of each material, learn how to build basic circuits, code simple programs and experiment with sensors. Different types of sensors will be explored (pressure, stretch, flex, touch, tilt and switches sensors, etc) and used as novel controls for electronics.
Potential applications include: wearable technology, product interfaces, novel interfaces and controls for electronic music and much more.

One computer and Arduino for each participant
Basic understanding of the Arduino platform is helpful, but not necessary
Basic sewing skills (hand and machine sewing) would be nice but not required.

Stretch conductive fabric, Non-stretch conductive fabric, conductive thread, Heater Fabric, neoprene, Jersey, Cotton.

Sewing needles, scissors, paper & pens, projector, Arduino, crocodile clips, jumper wires.