SE.5 – Elective Seminar
Living Shapes

Faculty: Angel Muñoz and Cristian Rizzuti


The Physical Computing seminar will give students an essential introduction to the world of open source programming languages and physical computing. In 7 weeks students will simultaneously learn about basic coding / scripting tools and how to create devices that interact with their environment using sensors and actuators. This will equip students with the necessary hardware / software knowledge to integrate interfaces, visualizing methods, data sensing, and actuations to conduct more advanced research and architectural proposals with embedded technology.

The course will conclude with an interactive project, as students will be pushed to create a synchronous and meaningful living shape system. Students are similarly encouraged to use the code based tools to explore data visualization and physical computing as applied to their studios, in processes that they can integrate in their projects in following months.

Robotic habitats – Noumera, Angel Muñoz, Cristian Rizzuti
Studio Roosegaarde – Dune

Get out of my sun! – Johannes Eisbrenner