SW.02 – Studio Workshop
Interaction in Commercial Context
Augmented Gastronomy: Future Dish

Faculty: Ignacio de Juan Creix

The course combines study about the product design processes with creative and a professional practice in a project of developing the dish of tomorrow. Participants with be introduced to the idea of Augmented Gastronomy, which connects the tools they use already with the world of foods and drinks. The content reflects the current issues and the requirements of similar projects when working for market-oriented projects. Participants with interrogate a range of perspectives including design research methods and R& for the consumer-oriented industries; the role of creative leadership; design for social needs; project management; trends analysis; innovations for gastronomy and experience design.

First step in the process with be exploring the idea of Augmented Gastronomy, and the briefing of the strongest food trends. Later, students leaded by our brief will start to develop their own idea for the future dish followed by the visual strategy, design process, production and basic marketing strategy. It will allow to participants to see the whole spectrum of the product.

The course is design to support participants with tools needed when entering interdisciplinary projects in real life that require to mix disciplines as well as various art and market oriented needs. They will develop research, analytical, problem solving capabilities that are directed towards careers with R&amp and design consultancy institutions, for which the most important aspect is the humans and objects interaction.

They will also have opportunity to learn from our experiences and develop practical skills in developing objects for a human scale that responds to how world changes today. Throughout the course, students will study the cases of the Augmented Gastronomy and explore the idea with their own hands. In addition, we hope to mentor participants who we would hope to meet in the closer future working with us.