DPS. Design Project Studio

Thesis Advisors: Marcos Cruz

C-Biom.A is an innovative design research group at the IAAC focused on developing new bio and environmentally integrated designs strategies. Students explore advanced computational models and simulations that are applied to building prototypes made of new material composites that are either bio-inspired or bio-integrated. Many of the proposed objects and components aim to stimulate natural growth of bacteria, fungi, algae, and higher plants and the integration of these species in buildings. In a time in which more people are living in cities, the ultimate aim of the group is to develop a radically new sensibility of understanding of architecture where climate and nature, as well as new sense of materiality is the driving motif for design.

There is a high level attention given to the use of new digital tools and fabrication techniques through which more complex and highly differentiated responses can given to our rapidly changing urban environment.

Final Submission of the Individual Thesis will be composed of a written and illustrated portfolio, scientific paper, as well as substantial models and prototypes that are shown in a final exhibition designed and set up by the students.

MAA02 2014/16 – DESIGN FOR AGEING BUILDINGS Yessica Mendez
MAA02 2014/16 – RESPONSIVE MANIFOLDS Nina Jotanivic MAA02 2014/
MAA02 2014/16 – DESIGN FOR AGEING BUILDINGS Yessica Mendez