Home sharing urban management: Barcelona.
Faculty: Luis Falcón. inAtlas.
Umbrella: KA-AU (Knowledge Alliance for Advanced Urbanism). Erasmus Programme of the European Union

The systemic global crisis and the new technological revolution has faced the birth of sharing economy. It has broken out in society and markets. Home sharing is challenging cities management. Classic urban planning tools no longer can deal with such dynamism. If technology has speeded up urban uses transformation, how cities can set up new game board able to face this challenge?

The target of the seminar is to build up a different alternative digital urban platform. It aims to manage home sharing phenomena for the city of Barcelona as a case study.
The role of participants is as a consultant of the city council.
It will be proposed a defined platform conceptualisation from which they will be able to critically work on.

Airbnb apartments and rooms in Barcelona. One year offer rotation in the city of Barcelona. inAtlas. 2016.

Qualitative information. Stake holder’s needs and demands:
Along the seminar participants will receive lectures, make interviews or build surveys from all stakeholders involved. They must fully understand all parts’ demands and needs in order to understand the phenomena.
Participants will be provided with key texts on home sharing public debate.

Quantitative information Data:
Participants will be able to work with different datasets: they should work at least with open data from administration, home sharing data from platforms and urban administrative borders from dots to districts.

Airbnb offer data dashboard in Barcelona. inAtlas 2016.

Participants might use, among others, open source GIS (Geographical Information System) such as Carto, scrapping platforms such as Import.io, or survey platforms such as SurveyMonkey.

One room rental at Nou Barris neighbourhood, Barcelona, Airbnb offer, 2016. New York, 1907. Benidorm, 1960’s. A Flat bedroom at Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona, Airbnb offer, 2016. Barcelona City Council campaign on Tourist rental Apartments, 2016. Poster against Tourists at Barcelona, 2016. Poster blaming holidays apartments at Barcelona, 2016. Poster Tourist vs Refugees at Barcelona, 2016. © sus autores.

The final output required is the design of a digital platform for urban management of home sharing for Barcelona. Whether the participants are able to make it technically fully work or not is not the main aim of the seminar.
The jury will be composed of real stakeholders representative of Home Sharing from the city of Barcelona.