SW.3B_ Studio Workshop
INTERACTION IN NATURE (Valldaura/Barcelona)
Faculty: Andrew Quitmeyer and Hannah Perner-Wilson


This 5-day workshop will explore creating individualized, “wearable studios” for digital naturalism. The goal is to create, test, and document mobile laboratory gear for creating interactive electronics in natural areas. Like anyone’s personal creative space, these “wearable studios” can be highly individualized for your own technological or artistic practice. When building in nature, however, the studios should also adapt and utilize characteristics of the local environment. In this workshop, participants will go through series of exercises exploring environmental and technological features to build their own wilderness laboratories. We will document and share the unique studios and tools created through this process to provide resources and inspiration for other digital naturalists investigating similar challenges.

Andy and Hannah making stuff in their JungleLab in Madagascar.

The students taking this course have spent the last weeks/months exploring and developing extra senses. packing tools in your pockets or Strapping them to your body, means you have them at hand outside their regular realm of use. consider the presence of these capabilities provided to you by your tools and extra senses, extra powers with which you can investigate and manipulate your environment. the jungle becomes a different place when you have the power to cut down the plants that obscure your path. or with a needle and thread, every sewable material can be turned into something you want.

Mushroom circuitboard.


Day 1: intro, explore, experiance, discuss
Day 2: reflect, design
Day 3: prototype, iterate
Day 4: test, document
Day 5: present



Made from collected materials: Leaf speaker, vine and conductive yarn pressure sensor.

Documentation: be creative in how you document what you see.

Night time collecting: glow-worm on palm of hand.

JungleLab: the table for working at.

Andy’s PIFpack strapped to a tree.

Storage elements: Thread rack made from vine.

Step-by-step tutorial:


Hannah’s visual poem about her Wearable Studio: