Sylabus Workshop “Data and Strategies”

If we understand the new logics –associated to a new Advanced
Urbanism– in relation with the challenges of a new informational era
–and the capacity, in this one, to multiply the interactions between
conditions and information(s)– we need to understand in what terms
we define “information”, not only as a data-parameter or a data-
indicator but as a more enlarge concept associated to other
assimilated key-terms (programs, solicitations, messages, patterns,
identities, matters, cultures, types, behaviours, senses, networks,
natures, morphologies and metabolic contexts) able to be combined
in (and through) new –and more– open strategic urban approaches.
The workshop “Data and Strategies” wants to aid the students to
work with strategic concepts able to synthesize conditions,
solicitations, situations and information through elemental
(evolutionary and open) criteria-diagrams, able to conduct complex

1 st Day 17 april. 2 Lessons/1 day-Theoretical approach.
– Cities in-between centuries (2h)
– Operational maps: mapping Capa-Cities (2h)
Launching exercise
2nd Day 23 April. Deskrits and revision one by one of individual
3d Day 30 April. General final common review