MaCAD S.2 – Digital Tools for Integrative Modelling
Senior Faculty: Óscar Herrero
Faculty Assistant: Andrés Antolín

Ph credits: Óscar Herrero

This course is an introduction to Rhino.Inside Revit, but not as a typical software tutorial course, it intends to show the key elements to use Rhino.Inside Revit and what are the strengths of this software in the AEC environment.

During the sessions, students will be able to learn how to face modelling and parameterization problems with new tools and techniques. The purpose of this course is to develop, using Rhinoceros, Grasshopper and Revit, the students’ skills and knowledge of parametric modelling and interoperability between both softwares, applying it to the AEC environment.

Despite these are practical tools, in the course we will adopt a theoretical approximation, trying to set the knowledge bases needed to use the software in a practical way.

Learning Objectives
At course completion the student will:

Know and dominate Rhino.Inside
Understand interoperability concepts with Revit
● Develop management criteria about parametric data and it application to existing elements in Revit
● Master the ability to integrate data and geometry from several environments, like Revit and Rhinoceros