MaCAD S.3 – Digital Tools In Collaborative Workflows
Senior Faculty: Alan Rynne
Faculty Assistant:  João Silva 


Ph credits: Lunar Residence Project

With the digitalization of our industry, our way of working is also shifting towards a connected environment where our project’s data can be shared with all involved parties effortlessly. This new way of working also introduces new challenges, like how to collaborate effectively within a company, but also how to set up effective data sharing strategies between different actors in the project.

From architecture studios to on-site contractors, the need to send project data efficiently throughout the entire project lifecycle has never been more pressing. The main goal of this course will be introducing the students to effective collaborative patterns and strategies that will enable successful data sharing and interoperability workflows.

Learning Objectives
At course completion the student will:

● Understand up to date collaboration strategies within the industry
● Use the Speckle platform to organise structured data transfers
● Be able to generate custom data sharing schemas to fit a project’s need
● Be able to create complex interoperability workflows
● Understand how to work in a connected data environment
● Understand how to organise how to leverage Speckle’s features to extract the most of your workflows.
Have a birds-eye view of all the advanced functionality in Speckle and its benefits:

    • Why is owning your data important?
    • Build your own custom tools on top of speckle
    • Automate processes
    • Consume Speckle data on the web