MaCAD – Artificial Intelligence in Architecture – Digital tools for Generative Building Design
Senior Faculty: Stanislas Chaillou
Faculty Assistant: Oana Taut


The purpose of this class is to introduce students to general concepts of deep learning, and applications relevant to Architecture. Between classification and
generative models, this class offers an easy-to-grasp introduction to using AI in architecture. More importantly, during this 7-lecture course, students are invited to work with AI-models while keeping a certain level of scientific methodology and rigour. In a nutshell, this class hopes to give students an initial survey of deep learning models and methodologies, to allow them to navigate this new space as autonomously as possible in their future projects & careers.

Learning Objectives

At course completion the student will:

  • Introduced to concepts fundamental to AI and its applications in Architecture.
  • Understand Generative AI concepts and Models
  • Understand the building blocks of ML models: Families of layers, Hyperparameters
  • Construct and manipulate Generative Adversarial Neural Networks models
  • Iteratively improve the model and document the scientific process