Data collection, data visualisation and data-driven objects

Seminar Faculty: Angel Muñoz & Cristian Rizzuti

Course provides an introduction to the development and programming of hardware devices that can sense and act in the environment.

Credits: GSS Moscow, 2016

The Introduction to Programming and Physical Computing course gives students an essential introduction to the world of open source, programming languages and physical computing. The students simultaneously learn basic programming and physical computing concepts. This then equip students with the necessary hardware / software skills to integrate interfaces, visualizing methods, data sensing, and actuations to conduct more advanced research and architectural proposals with embedded technology. The seminar focuses on how to embed environmental sensing capabilities to any building or object, empowering the students how to add a layer of intelligence to different scenarios.

The course concludes with an exercise as a final project, where the students are pushed to create a synchronous and meaningful interaction about sensing and data visualization. Students are similarly encouraged to use the code based tools to explore the physical computing world as applied to their studios, in processes that they can integrate in their projects in following semesters.

Credits: BCN BREATHE, 2018