IAAC – Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction
Hardware II Seminar

Faculty: Angel Muñoz
Daniel Serrano.



Sensing allows us to interact with the physical world. Measuring, interpreting and taking actions based on the sensors feedback. With sensors and micro-controllers or single-board computers we can create intelligent systems and collaborative robots that sense and react making the physical world programmable.

From touch, distance, orientation, an others we will cover a wide range of sensors to capture the environment in many different ways. All these data coming from the sensors will be processed and filtered to extract the most relevant information. With cameras and RGBD cameras along with computer vision scripts we will bring the sense of sight to our robots allowing them to detect faces, objects and orientate within the space.


This seminar will start showcasing some reference projects and products currently being used in real-case studies. After that we will focus on how to use different types of sensors, how to process the data extracted from the sensors and how to use this visualize this data or use this data to act. Finally we will integrate Arduino with ROS.