Swarm morphologies is a project developed to explore the shape of a constantly moving system and the ephimeral shapes that it constantly creates. Swarms occur freely in nature all around the globe. These are governed by internal forces that dictate their movement and their behaviour creating intricate massings and shapes that are in constate change and fluctuation. They do not posses a finished or static shape giving us only moments to appreciate their morphology at any given point in time.

In this project the system ruled by the gravitational pull of moving attractors with different masses that influence the trajectory of thousands of smaller masses that are inevitably pulled by them. By controlling the speed limit at which the points in the swarm can move the system can be changed to create massings of smaller or bigger areas that are more closely pulled by the attractors ruling the whole system.

Master in Advanced Architecture
SO.7 Programming – Swarm Morphologies
Tutor: Angelos Chronis
Student: Sebastian Amorelli