With the cost of both energy and housing constantly increasing, people around the world are unable to find adequate and appropriate housing solutions. In order to give answers from a
circular economy perspective, a bottom up approach is needed. The concept of sustainable housing affordability is introduced and implemented by mass customization strategies in the
field of design and architecture; integrating the social, economic and environmental capital, specifically in the early design process. The research focuses on performance criteria for energy
and resource efficiency, through two experimental digital platforms; potentially reducing the life cycle cost, influencing the resources flux, and consequently increasing the affordability in the
housing industry in the economic and environmental area.


Sustainable housing affordability through mass customization: an early stage design approach is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction 2019/2020 by students: Luis Jayme Buerba, Roberto Vargas, Beril Serbes Faculty: Mathilde Marengo