blogBB “FUTURE SHOCK IS THE SHATTERING STRESS AND DISORIENTATION THAT WE INDUCE IN INDIVIDUALS BY SUBJECTING THEM TO TOO MUCH CHANGE IN TOO SHORT TIME” ALVIN TOFFLER Barcelona port 2015 Surfaces On Demand is a language, its a system that can be adapt anywhere any time, as long as the city has water sources and physical buildings. This system can be changed and adapted to any situation. like The reality in which we live in today where changes occures almost every second.

Streets and neighberhoods changes their density/colurs/ sounds every hour. In this project im tring to bring this constant changing reality to the water. The water surfaces are fluid and movable. This is a tool to accelerate, intensify and enrich city’s and port activities. This is a new way to connect the sea to the city. By using three main elements- Data, People and Energy that moves freely back and forth from, and to the city. The islands produce the energy needed to the “inlands islands”, that’s makes the system much more efficient and smart. In case no energy is needed, so the islands wont produce it. Same as for the flow of people and the flow of data. This is a bottom up system and 100% democratic architectural spaces and this is the way i want to image ports in the far future! <slides2 slides3 Formless Architecture In the book „future shock“ by alvin toffler there is a very specific view about the future, this view describe the future as a flood of knowledge that will live the human been without any option to function. I tried to bring some of this mood into the project by using real time data as the main factor of creating the space. This Data creates a responsive architecture, that changes all the time and can be seen in many different ways. Actually the project changes every single minute, and that‘s why he has no shape of no form. The only thing that matters is the process, the language, the system. What is important to formless architecture? Motivation. And the motivation is the human basic need to interact and social. I think this will never disappear, because this is simply what makes as human, no matter how many pad, iPod, tablet etc. we are using. This basic notion is the starting points of the project- to bring people together. To create interesting and smart public spaces, in the sea, and in the land. Spaces that are self-organized and self-sufficient in terms of programs and energy creation and consumption. And for, apparently you don‘t need to build a lot. And here arose another big question- maybe we don‘t need architects at all? slides4 slides5 slides7 Architecture that reacts People have been dreaming, painting, writing and planning their ports from the beginning of time. The project presents an imaginary concept of Barcelona’s port 100 years from now. This project developed a system in which people will have the ability to create their own surfaces, their own and immediate public spaces, by using and calculating real time data systems, taking into consideration the weather, amount of people, amount of ships, number of attractions etc. Ports are field of energy, like a living cell, they are always in a process of constant changing. That makes them full of potential. In the ports we have all kinds of ships and boats, with huge variety of programs, sizes etc. The surfaces system that the project developed can affect each one of them and create a simultaneity multifunctional system that will give people the opportunity to share spaces in the sea water. There will be three main parts to this work- The first part will discuss the sea and the water relations, focusing mainly on their meaning to the city of Barcelona. The second part will discuss the pop up surface concept for the future- its meaning and its goals. The third part of this work will discuss the three main „Players“- People, Data and Energy. The forth part will present the conclusion of the work and points some possible critic points to this specific future view. slides8

slides9 slides10 slides11 The third parts of the project discuss the way it acts in real time. The three elements that make the system works are Data, People and Energy. These elements connecting the sea and the land, the islands in the sea, and the islands in the water. Each one of these flows is independent, but together the three of them creates a multi layered system, that defined itself by its parts Three Flows- Energy- The energy is produced under the islands, inside the water. The bigger the island is- the more energy it can produce. Already today there are many ways to produce energy inside the water. For example, the energy that produce by the waves, In this project there are many situations in which ships creates waves, so this is a very good chance to start and produce energy only from this act of moving water. Moreover, In the future there may be even much more ways to take energy for the ocean water. People- the flow of people is different by its definition, people can’t fly (yet!) and they can’t crash into buildings, that by their flow is much slower and depends a lot on topography, people can’t be shipped directly (like the energy flow) from one place to the other Data- flow of data is crucial for the whole process. The data that are being gathered are- time, day, place, season, no. of ships entering the port, no. of people inside the water, no. of activities. Al this data gathering, (that in the future will be very easy to collect at any real time moment), affect the creation of the islands, determines their own shape and decide their disappearing and repairing process. As you can see in the following diagrams- data flows directly from one place to the other. It’s very important that data will reach from place to place the fastest so the process which I described will happed fatly and accurately to the current need The flow have also can be changed by their density, length, amount etc. that are changing the whole time, like a river the flow constantly. The three part are equal to each other, none of them is more important than the other, this unity as a hole is what make the system work not the individual parts The three flows can be seen and represent the veins in the human body. Just as the “In land island” may be referred as joint, and the “surface on demand system” are the palm. slides13 slides15 slides16 slides19 slides20 The Conclusion of this project take into consideration the opportunity that everything will fail at the end. What can be a failure is a huge question for itself, but we can imagine hundreds of ships piling one over the other without the freedom to move, and many island pop up in a chaotic way. collecting real time data doesn’t insure you a brighter future necessarily after all… slides17_6FINAL22 slides22 CL3VER PROJECT LINK- Here is a link to the CL3VER website of the project, where you can find more information and data about the SURFACE ON DEMAND PROJECT-