November 5th is a really substantial day for the MAEB students in Valldaura Lab.
In the morning, we have the ecological interaction course with Jonathan Minchin. We fertilize the beds, water the plants and cover our beds with the compose which is greatly helpful for preventing the heat from escaping in the winter. For the weeks the temperature in the mountain drops very apparently we need to take some measurements for our harvest.


After the lunch we start the raw nature course with Daria Bychkova. Since we started the playful device two weeks ago we just continue our works.For the debarking group they keep brushing the trunks for prevention and the joint group are also working hard.What’s more, the shop drawing group are making really nice pictures. Everyone is devoting to this project and looking forward the result.


At night we have a really good lecture given by Daria Bychkova who is in charge for the raw nature program. She shares her ideas and reasons for her choice to this direction and her previous work in different places.All the works are wonderful, natural and ecological.We really enjoy this lecture.Thanks for Daria.