From the studio case of Never Never house to the book of Philippe Rahm the common concept is the transformation of the building and what are the parameters that can influence those transformations.

In the Never Never House of Andrés Jaque Architects the architect choose to design and build the villa considering not only the land- scape but also the lifestyle of Ibiza island. Using the ups and down terraces he took advantage of the hill and the view around him but also express the ups and down life-rhythm of Ibiza with the continuously parties that ibiza is famous for. Also with letting the trees to flow inside the house and the the use of those particular colours he tried to adapt the house in the environment and bring the artificial creation and the nature in balance. In my opinion with that way he created a psychede- lic atmosphere that can keep the people in a continuous good mood during the holidays.

Philippe Rahm in his book is trying to provoke and remind architects the existence of invisible but important elements that can change the way we design. In this case he talks about how form and function can follow the climate, how can environmental parameters such as heat or cold can influent the design process and change the main functional and aesthetic prototypes of dwelling in nowadays and tomorrow.

In my opinion the main common points between the book and the case study are two, first how architecture can be influent not only buy the classic and rational parameters such us distribute function or posi- tional, but also with lifestyle, feelings(Never Never House) and climate (book example) and second the existence of nature us part of the design process.

In conclusion i believe that this six relational logics that we study the past weeks are very interesting and can influence the architects to combine that logics in different ways and express an advanced archi- tecture that can go beyond static functional and formal representation to a more sophisticate design.

As i mention before i believe that studying this six relational logics and combine them with different ways is possible to give very interesting systems and combinations results of formal and functional exploration. The research topic that i propose is “Formal and functional exploration through extreme relations”. With the phrase extreme relations i want to emphasise the research in a more extreme environments (ex. artic, pol- lution, noise etc.) with that way we can study and explore the relations that this environments develop with the architecture and be able to intervene with design proposals.