studio 1 project: Antigoni Anastasopoulous, Gamze Gunduz, Laura Molina, Harshad Sutar, Julian Hildebrand

Concept and Analysis: Our studio project analyses the density of tourists in Barcelonas center in order to deduce a strategy for transforming tourism into a sustainable cultural and energetic exchange. Currently areas of touristic interest ( so called attractors ) and the places tourists stay at ( emitters ) tend to be located in direct vicinity generating very high touristic densities which occasionally overwhelm the city. Proposal: Our proposal suggests new areas of development for the location of a super hotel type; these hotels would be located at equal distance in-between main sights in order to separate emitters and attractors locally and reduce density. This will generate new touristic main roads which in combination with new transportation and energy concepts will contribute to saving and generating energy for a more sustainable concept of tourism in Barcelona. Please view the complete presentation by clicking on the following link: barrio_1_17_18