Even though it’s Friday 1st of October the work in  Valldaura has not stop.

We started the day with a structural class done by Skype with Sergei, the engineer responsible of the structures of Bureau Chekharda, studio, in Russia.

Sergei has explained the students some basics about how to calculate our type of raw natural structure and we have learned that the most dangerous is too many kids, or adults, jumping in a rope and creating tensions in the logs.


Obviously just one hour of class is not enough to learn all we need to know to calculate the structure, that’s the reason why Sergei will be the one certificating the Playground.


When the structure class finish we have done as every day, a review  of how our Playground is doing, and what’s the plan for today.

Daria explained that we are in a bit frustrating moment, in which he have done a lot of work but the results are not visible.

What we have done today is continuing debarking, applying the logs the treatment, painting and sanding.


Also some of us have been in the construction site marking the exact points where the logs are going to stand, meaning where we need to do the 1 meter holes.