By using Karamba to make a structural beam analysis of the tower’s structural diagrid envelope and inputting the displacement as the fitness value into Galapagos which is set to minimize it, the solver looks for the best possible combination of the sliders that control the geometry seeking for the optimum balance between form and structure.

1) Tower geometry built by profile curves lofted into a surface and then manipulated with sliders.
2) Diamond grid division of surface into U and V values to generate the lines to analyze as beams.
3) Karamba beam analysis to get the displacement amount which is inputted as fitness value into Galapagos.
4) Galapagos controlling the sliders constructing the tower geometry to minimize displacement of diagrid structure.
5) Arrangement of evolutions into a catalogue with the specified displacement and area of structural elements.

Student: Francis Redman
Tutors: Rodrigo Aguirre, Aldo Sollazzo