Stochastic Metal Tree//Software1.1

Stochastic Metal Tree is a project developed during the software1 seminar, MRAC 20-21 program. The course engages and with basic concepts of computational design, and focuses on the bottom-up and its differences from the conventional designing methods In this project, the interpretation of this approach was to design logic for a base unit and a system of assembly rules which relate to it. The results of the aggregation were used to reinform the set of rules and the unit’s logic in order to examine what are the control and design limitations and potential of the said system.

>>Design Hypothesis

The drive of this project was to create a system that interacts and changes the space it is embedded.
The geometry was inspired by Stochastic structures, in which the system starts from a singularity and branches as it evolves while reacts to its environment
Using a discrete number of progression angles created a conflict between the progression of the system towards its end goal and its inner logic.

1>>Enviorment – Target Points

The target point consists of interrelated points cloud analog to surface load mesh. each point starts with a baseload, and its grade is the sum of self grade and the grades of its neighboring points. the interaction between the geometries and the target points reduces the grade of the specific point and its neighbors.

2>>Base Unit

Each unit is build of two box volumes, each has an angular slit that makes it possible to connect to itself. The volumes are connected in the center.

unit assembly

The units are envisioned to be made out of folded metal sheets

Unit Manufacturing

Units Data Structure



The assembly decides on a target point according to its grade and progresses until it reaches it.  

When reaching the target point, Or when no available option  – the assembly branches and searches for a new target point.


The Aggregation seeks to create ground supports. It does so by projecting points to the ground, clustering them, and creating a new target point on the ground plane


4>>Rules Summary



Aggregation Tests

Stochastic Metal Tree  // SOFTWARE I  is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction in 2020/2021 by:

Students: Helena Homsi , Shahar Abelson

Faculty: Ján Pernecký
Faculty Assistant: Eugenio Bettucchi