The idea behind the design is a outcome that is driven by stigmergic form generation. The product is a column that is generated from a series of organized points (AGENTS)  that move by indirect coordination towards merging. These agents experience 3 force impacts that will be defined bellow.

The product is  derived by not only the agent movement, but a designated mesh that with each iteration grows to produce the final outcome.


The environment consists of a series of point collections; a randomly populated elliptical base, and offsetted disk (with this design an option of multiple offsets was also explored, but proved more predictable results), that has a regular and parametric control of number of subdivisions.


Point Charge

With respect to parameters provided, this action generates a force field that reacts with all points subjected. With the impact of the looping, this allows the animation / form generation.

Spin Force

This action adds a twist to the trajectory of points, allowing a deformation of movement of points on path.


This action similarly to Spin Force, deals with direction changing, but in a different way, defining how movement shifts will take place, either sharp and short or long and steady. Other parameters allow more control.



Marcel Dawid