Multi-Agent System

As part of the seminar Computational Design a column is created with the use of a multi-agent based system to delve into a stigmergic environment.

The inputs are agent-based, meaning the column starts at certain coordination points and ultimately moves to end points (ie. targets) following specific paths. These paths can also be described as the desired velocity. The grasshopper code guides the agents through so called steering to stay inside of the cylinder measurements. The agents are, as a response, attracted to the middle of the column. The Data Dam collects the agents with the network between adjacent points.

After that, the velocity lines can become visible as well as the network lines. As soon as the multi-agent column is built up, the Variable Sweep makes the growing towers apparent. These multiple towers together create the column. The growing of the column happens in a bottom up manner.

The input of the data guides the agents to go randomly to the top, but to be kept inside a radius of 20. The output is that the randomness is combined with the steering and the velocity.