Stickers is a form finding exercise generated by the amalgamation of spheres into clusters. This is a result of their crossing paths while revolving around the same centre of gravitation. There is a single centre that functions as an attractor point around which a specified number of points revolve. These points are assigned spheres of different radii as well as a charge; and they cross paths, they merge to form clusters.

The main theme is gravity and revolution and what could potentially happen when two or more entities merge as they collide with one another. The particles are left to revolve until a desired form is achieved from their collisions. Based on the direction, shape of the orbit, size, speed and amount of charge embedded in the particle, different forms arise.



The methodology consists of creating a set number of particles in a boundary box and then choosing one a centre of attraction. The gravitational formula is applied and a charge and sphere is assigned to the particles which then when activated, follow their paths and eventually collide to create an array of iterations

Various volumetric iterations can be achieved by varying the dimensions of the bouding box, changing the number of particles and increasing the charge or sphere of influence around the particles



Stickers is a project developed at IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at Master in Advanced Architecture 2019/20 by:
Students: Yigitalp Behram, Sedat Tolga, Aysel Abasova, Ankita Alessandra Bob
Faculty: Angel Munoz