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Steam keeps you updated on the welfare of your hot beverage, to ensure that you are not left with a disappointing afternoon tea. The drink you need is ready for you. It is waiting for you. And we are there for you to make sure you get the reward you deserve at the right temperature.

About this project

Steam is a coster for the future. 

More than just a means of protecting your desk, Steam is also a way of measuring and detecting the temperate of your hot drink . To ensure even when you have a deadline, when your in the middle of writing an email, or you’re engaged in procrastination, you don’t forget your cup of warm comfort.

Especially when working, we always find that right after making a cup of tea, its too hot to drink, but as we wait for it to cool just a little, we get engulfed in work, and the drink goes cold!

What we wanted was a beautifully design solution to the problem that fitted neatly on a desk, protecting it from liquids, while advising of the temperature of the drink, so we can catch it at just the right time, and don’t or forget about it. We can’t count the number of times we’ve had to throw away a cold coffee, or worse, microwave a cup of tea to get it back to temperature. With this little device, we have managed to make a compact and neat solution to all our troubles.

How it works

Using a series of sensors, Steam is able to detect the temperature of your hot beverage. Currently, this device connects to your computer to make a visual representation of the temperate of your drink as well as emitting a gentle ‘audible beep’ reminder.

Our current system uses an ardunio board with heat and light sensors connected to an external power source. However with your assistance we plan on developing the project to minimise tech input to maximise tech output.

We know that the system can be refined to have fewer components that can do more for you, but we need help to research and test these possibilities.

Connection to your phone, it’s one thing for Steam to hum a tune when the time is right, but its another to keep you up to date when you leave the room or go to another office. The design of a iPhone and android application is essential to this product developing in the future.

Flexible and International

 There’s not limit to it’s uses 

No matter what the drink, no matter where you are in the world, we can get Steam to you. In winter it can remind you of the warm hug awaiting you from a hot chocolate and in summer it sings softening of the refreshing lemonade sitting perfectly chilled, waiting for you.

Spend less time making tea and more time creating, writing and imagining.


We know everyone is different, and not just anything will suit your style, so we can provide a range of different finishes and customisation options. And if you’re worried that Jenny from accounts is going to take it from your desk, just like she did your favourite pen, then we can even engrave your name into on of the hard wood faces.

Details + Specifications
Details + Specifications

Who are we

Architects studying at IaaC in Barcelona, we have dedicated countless hours to the research and fabrication of this piece. While our primary focus is on large scale works, we are no less detailed and considerate when it comes to furniture and industrial design. We often work all hours of the night, drinking copious amounts of coffee to stay alive – so we know the value of a hot drink to get you though the day. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a simple problem has simple repercussions.


Business Plan

Special Thanks

Thank you to each and everyone of you who have supported us and helped us learn. Each person we meet on our journey has helped to make us better people and designers, and we will always be appreciative of that.