A VR experience about the fear and anxiety felt when someone with eating disorders is about to fall into the temptation.

To put you in context, it’s late at night, you can’t fall asleep, you feel anxious. You had just 150 calories today, same as yesterday. You are starving.

You go to the kitchen and have a snack, but the fear of feeling again how you are actually getting FAT by eating, makes you out of your mind.  You try to resist the temptation, thinking ‘‘I’ll just have a bite, I deserve it. I’m in complete control of myself, I can handle it”; but you know that once you start, there’s no way of ending it without regretting.

The anxiety increases, and the delirium starts. You try to scape from the food, you try to hit it to make it disappear, but as a virus, it duplicates exponentially, there’s no way of ending this, you are trapped.

To generate a soft but scary atmosphere, I played with 3 different lights (purple, pink and orange) and I added the sound of a ”creepy little girl singing”, in order to create an almost terrifying scene, able to narrate the emotions that I want to transmit.

Welcome to Ana and Mia’s world.

This project is part of The rules that keep you safe, a sarcastic serie of projects warning about Anorexia and the Internet. By Martina Solés Caldés.

IaaC – MAI 2017-2018  | Faculty : Martina Menegon