Stacking is an AR apps that bring design of stick stacking using into the local community. This stick stacking was originated from a Robotic workshop where cantilever of stick by using robotic arm. Instead of having the workshop stop at the fab lab environment, the apps is meant to bring the design to the local community, where any interested participant can interact with the stacking in their selected AR environment

In Context : Android version 9

In the book “The Inevitable” by Kevin Kelly, he identified that in this digital turn, the default of ownership has shifted to the benefits of accessibility. The open source easy accessibility of knowledge and information, has influenced the importance of participatory culture. Where the journey of discovery that gains instant gratification has become the new norms.

Our AR design fits in this current milieu of participatory and discovery. We want our design no a bastion of authorship, we become the facilitator of design, we let users to participate and discover. This discovery can extend our visual storytelling beyond the studio and into the public street.  This participatory culture often comes up with an unexpected result, it serves as a social media platform of being together.