Morphogenetic programming

The spiral trajectory is explained by the way some primitive orient themshelves
by a point light source. Insects have compound eyes consisting of many ommatidia,
which are single detectors of light. 

Starting by a simple spiral rotation. System agents base desing is result of the several
spirals rotation trajectory around three axis(x,y,z) Particles system is being multiplied in a
random way setting up a drawing that we can appreciatete rotating in a 3dPeasyCam.

When the beams are parallel and the insect wants to go in straight line,
it needs to fly in such a way that the same group of ommatidia will stay activated.
Thais is, it needs to keep a constant angle with the beams.


Student. Ricardo Mayor Luque

Tutor. Angelos Chronis

Spetial colaboration. Angel Muñoz

Master in Advanced Architecture 2016/2017
SO.06 Programming – Processing reel