‘ Experience the Invisible ‘

Speculo V.2 continues the methodology of invisibility and visibility. With the aim of creating an experience and an interaction between the human and the ‘invisible’ layers, the project proposes an event that will take place in proximity to the ruins of the Carbosin factory. The focus of the proposal is to expand the notion of motion, laser and reflection within a spatial configuration that can change shape, direction and even location, in accordance to the data collected by the devices placed on site. Hence, the event will be a dynamic one, introducing the participants and visitors within a new transformable environment.

The main elements contained within the design are the laser networks, which will define the spatial context in which an event will take place. A series of mirrors and laser will be attached to drones and land rovers with the goal of creating a structural system which can move and adapt to any new configuration. The drones will move as a grid, simultaneously, either following a symmetrical configuration or an irregular pattern. In order to highlight the laser networks, the drone will also hold fog containers which will enhance the relationship between the light matrix.


One of the main components of the design, the mixed reality will be available to the participants through a phone app which will allow the visitors to generate and shape the surrounding environment. Each person attending the event will use a virtual reality headset, which will enable them to experience and see the invisible. The mixed reality will follow the idea of particle simulation, therefore the user will be able to manipulate, accelerate and even increase a chemical component in order to generate particulate matter. As a result, each used will face a new and unique environment, according to the decisions he makes.

Speculo V.2 aspires to raise awareness but mostly to make invisible the layers that contribute to the high levels of pollution on site. By creating an interaction between the human and the digital environment, the project raises the question of how humans can impact the surrounding environment and how the unseen can become an experience.

SPECULO V.2 is a project developed at IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at Master in Advanced Architecture 2018/19 by:
Students: Yigitalp Behram, Daria Ciobanu-Enescu
Faculty: E. Ruiz-Geli, M. Luzarraga, A. Muino, J. Perello
Assistants: Mohamad Rachid Jalloul, Francois Nour