Cross-Platform Collaborative Techniques for AEC using Speckle

The project “Speckle Speckles” is a collaborative computational design workflow, using the Open Source Data platform Speckle in order to streamline cross-platform data sharing.

This workflow explores the potential for Speckle to be used for data and geometry sharing between Rhino, Grasshopper and Microsoft Excel between multiple users.

Design Collaboration Workflow:

We start with a simple curved textile surface (rhino geometry), apply a mesh radiation analysis (using grasshopper ladybug tools), extract the radiation values (using excel), and input these values (back into a grasshopper script) to calculate the appropriate number of bacteria “speckles” to populate the fabric textile, according to solar radiation.

Multi-User Data:

The Speckle online platform stores all the different streams created by each user, and automatically updates the streams in real-time as users make changes. The online SpeckleViz viewer allows dissemination of the resulting data and geometries, which can be filtered by layers, streams, lists or values, offering quick and simple visualisations of the relationships between user data streams.


The superstream combines all the stream data into one Speckle Viewer, where you can filter the streams, layers and data to view the information in different ways.


Speckle Viz:

Speckle Viz allows you to visualise your streams on the cloud, on an open-source website paltform. In this video we explore the different viewing options of our workflow.



Cross-platform sharing diagram:

Speckle Speckles is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed for the Cross-Platform Collaboration Seminar during the Master in Advanced Architecture Thesis Program, in 2019/2020 by:

Students: Hena Micoogullari and Megan Smylie

Faculty: Paul Poinet