Advanced Robotic Fabriction:
Sourced Wood

The project aims to utilize waste wood in constructions and reshape them as falsework structures.
We see that there is an opportunity to advance the recycling of materials used in the construction industry. Wood is often used in temporary structural applications, because of its versatility and possibility of being re-shaped.

Can we set up a system that collects and extends the lifetime of surplus material existing in and around constructions sites? In consideration of sustainable buildings, closing life cycle loops becomes more and more important. Up to now reuse and recycling is taken rarely into account in building processes. With rising consumption of wood for energetic use recycling of material becomes more important.




Sourced Wood is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the Masters in Advanced Architecture in 2018 by:

 Jasser Salas, Soroush Garivani, Elena Kavtaradze Amin Ziaie Bigdeli, Yasmina El Helou, Timothy Magara, Lars Erik Elseth
Faculty: Alexandre Dubor, Aldo Sollazo, Kunaljit Singh Chadha, Raimund Krenmueller
in collaboration with: COVAL – Vacuum technology