The site is in a desolated area of the Parc de Poblenou, which was designed in 1992 as a part of the Olympic Village. The specific place had a fountain that was drained because if was plagued with mosquitos. Since we feel the place has a lot of potential for the reactivation, we decided to activate it by implementing several prototypes that will make different sounds and revitalise the landscape.

siteSECTIONsectionThe Phenomena of this project is the solar radiation- taking the sun as a source of energy and storing it in solar cells. The technology we are using is solar cells- to power the prototypes, and arduino board- to control the movement of the prototype. phenomenaCURRENT DESOLATED SPACE

SOCIAL EXPERIMENTATION- in order to get to know the site and make an intervention, we put chalks on the ground. When we came back, what we found was a lot of drawings and messages. It was what trigged us to change the environment and bring back the
diagramBy taking advantage of the sun to power our prototypes that will create sound, we are seeking to bring a new vitality. We want to use acoustic environment around us, and combine them with sounds of the prototypes in order to create a flow within the space- a SOUND LANDSCAPE.
sound-analGEOMETRY- using cylinders to get good acoustic qualities. It gives us function but also performance. MATERIALS we are using are metals because its sound property makes a sonorous sound (ringing), and card (non metals) that make softer, base sounds because its low density.






Tutors: Javier Pena, Jonathan Minchin, Oriol Carrascal, Philip Serif

Students: Johana Monroy, Cristina Pardo, Catalina Puello, Zrinka Radic