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The concept was to play with the noise that the cities produce and reproduce the movement of the sound wave on the bulding facade. The idea is to make the building dance according to the  “music” played by the city  focucing in the interaction between people, sound and visual.


The Sound Wave is as interactive facade that generate movement from sound.

2-02 Shape of the components To recreate the wave shape for the Sound wave we tested a few shapes and materials weight and size. And different types of mechanism for the movement with elastics and rubber. 2 4 1 (2) Facade Prototypes 4-02-02-02

The Sound Wave is made by 11 rows of lasser cut wood pieces that are built with a mechanism that allow us to move each row as a wave. The mechanism is activated by the used of solenoids, they are placed to push the pieces in specific points to set the movement, the sound input is measure by a sound sensor that is connected to the arduino that calculates a media, with a specific amount of decibels of sound, set in the code, triggers the solenoids to create the movement. These solenoids worked with a delay that let us to recreate a wave shape.


DSC_0797 DSC_0790 DSC_0792