IAAC – Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction
Software I

Guest Lecturer: Long Nguyen
MRAC Faculty Assistant: Eugenio Bettucchi




This course aims to provide the participants with the necessary skills to apply computational techniques to architectural design and fabrication, which can lead to unconventional design solution that possibly features innovative forms, structural soundness and material efficiency.

The main topics that will be investigated:

  • Introduction to computational design
  • General programming concepts (including object-oriented programming concepts)
  • Digital Geometry (Vectors, curves, meshes, and more)
  • Application of computational logic to generate and drive designs (digital form finding, optimization, design constraint solving, and more)
  • Integration of fabrication constraints into design using computational techniques

The seminar participants will take part in group projects (2-3 participants per group) where they will apply the acquired skills to design and build a prototype. Ideally the process should go beyond standard parametric design.
The students need to demonstrate that they are comfortable with certain computational thinking that is different from conventional design thinking in architecture, and that they can take fabrication and materials conditions into account during design.