0000 BLOG  front Soft Skin is a research project that investigates possibilities of using airinflation in architecture, as an active response to constantly changing parameters in environment. The Skin is a new composite material made of thin layers of flexible silicone rubber and elastic fabric. Material system consists of series of inflatable cells combined in groups, which could be inflated or deflated to change form and appearance. This tunable topography responds to real time data of wind and light. These two parameters determine behavior of the skin that responds with different air pressures inside the system. 00 front 01 state of art 02a cat 02b cat 02c cat 02d cat 02e cat 03a wind 03b light 03c temp 03d ventilation 04 parameters 05a tower and volume expansion 05b 05c 05d 05e 06 wind analysis 07 dimples bumos cfd 08 dimples cfd 09 behaviour 10 material tests 11 dimples 12 bumps 13 light infiltration14 expansion in axis 15 expansion in axis

17 bending

18a current prototype 18b current prototype seams 18c current prototype fabric and constraints 19 site analysis 20 wind phase initial 21 wind phaseone

23 wind phasetwo 24 changing geometry 25 render site 26 section 27a opennings drawings 27b opennings drawings 27c opennings drawings 27d skin detail 28 diagrams 29 render overall geometry30 render terrace 31 render terrace2