Our lives are split between physical and digital worlds. The goal of this project is to represent and combine these two parts. We create a 1:1 scale interactive street light prototype. As input data we use one digital light sensor that sends the readings in real time. As output we use LED lights and a ‘80s chandelier.


LED street lighting system has emerged as an innovative smart city application with great potential to reduce energy cost. As the daylight decreases, LED lights would start and increase the intensity in succession according to the input data.


The project uses two M5stacks: one for sending the daylight data from the digital light sensor and one to receive it and control the LED lights. As the intensity of daylight decreases, the first LED strip gradually lights up until the second LED strip lights. Also, this process can be repeated for multiple LEDs and it reverses when the intensity of daylight increases again.


As base object of the project we used an old chandelier.  Moreover, we fabricated a back surface and two covers in order to house the electronics which control the LED strips.





Smart Street Lamp // Interactive Systems is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the Master in Advanced Architecture in 2020-2021 by students: Tullio Polisi, Victoria Fedorova, Christos Trompoukis and Faculty: Angel Munoz, Cristian Rizzuti